“Freemasonry is a Beautiful System of Morality, Veiled in Allegory and Illustrated with Symbols…”

It teaches Morality, Brotherly Love and Truth It requires a serious commitment to learn and understand our ceremonies to enable you to prove yourself a member when travelling the world.

Who Are The Masons?

Masons (also known as Freemasons) belong to the oldest and largest fraternal organization in the world. Today, there are more than two million Freemasons in North America. Masons represent virtually every occupation and profession, yet within the Fraternity, all meet as equals. Masons come from diverse political ideologies, yet meet as friends. Masons come from varied religious beliefs and creeds, yet all believe in one God.

What Is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry (or Masonry) is dedicated to the Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God. It uses the tools and implements of ancient architectural craftsmen symbolically in a system of instruction designed to build character and moral values in its members. Freemasonry is a fraternal organization, where men can regularly come together to enjoy each other’s company. We are known for making good men better and encourage our members to improve themselves intellectually and spiritually, all in a fun and fulfilling environment.

Although, Freemasonry has many influences, we can trace our origins to the medieval stone masons, who at the time were among the few capable of producing great works through their use of mathematics, physics and geometry. We use the tools of these craftsmen today as symbols to teach moral lessons. You may already be familiar with the Square and Compasses that can be seen over the threshold of Masonic Buildings in towns throughout New Jersey.

As a Freemason, you will not only make new friends in your own community, but should you have the opportunity to travel, you will have friends ready to welcome you in Lodges throughout the state, the country and the world.

Where Did Freemasonry Begin?

No one knows just how old Freemasonry is because the actual origins have been lost in time. Most scholars believe Masonry rose from the guilds of stonemasons who built the majestic castles and cathedrals of the middle ages. In 1717, Masonry created a formal organization when four Lodges in London joined in forming England’s first Grand Lodge. By 1731, when Benjamin Franklin joined the Fraternity, there were already several Lodges in the Colonies.

Today, Masonic Lodges are found in almost every community throughout North America. A Mason can travel to almost any country in the world and find a Masonic Lodge where he will be welcomed as a “Brother.”

What Do Freemasons Do?

Beyond its focus on individual development and growth, Masonry is deeply involved in helping people. The Freemasons of North America contribute over two million dollars a day to charitable causes. This philanthropy represents an unparalleled example of the humanitarian commitment of this great and honorable Fraternity.

Several Masonic Principles Are –

Faith must be the center of our lives.

All men and women are the children of God.

No one has the right to tell another person what he or she must think or believe.

Each person has a responsibility to be a good citizen, obeying the law.

It is important to work to make the world a better place for all.

Honor and integrity are keys to a meaningful life.

What Is The Masonic Lodge?

The word “Lodge” means both a group of Masons meeting together as well as the room or building in which they meet. Masonic buildings are sometimes called “temples” because the original meaning of the term was “place of knowledge” and Masonry encourages the advancement of knowledge. Masonic Lodges usually meet once or twice a month to conduct regular business, vote upon petitions for membership, and bring new Masons into the Fraternity through three ceremonies called degrees. Here the bonds of friendship and fellowship are formed and strengthened.

Our Requirements for Membership are:

  1. You Must ASK to petition to become a Freemason, we do not Recruit new members. You must come of your own free will and be prepared to improve yourself

  2. You Must be a Good Man 18 years old or older

  3. You Must believe in a Supreme Being

  4. You Must provided references to members of the local community that can vouch for your High Moral Character

  5. You Must Submit to a criminal background check

  6. You Must be able to pay the initiation fees and annual membership dues without causing any hardship to your family

  7. You Must find 2 Freemasons in New Jersey to Recommend you for membership and vouch for you

If you need any further help in exploring Freemasonry, you can contact The Grand Lodge of New Jersey via email or by calling (609) 239-3950.

So Who Are The Masons?

Masons are men of good character who strive to improve themselves and make the world a better place. They belong to the oldest and most honorable fraternity known to man. If you think you may be interested in becoming a member, you can begin by contacting a Lodge in your area or speaking to a Mason.